How to Save Money on a Vegan Diet

For some reason, people always associate eating healthy with expensive foods. This is certainly not the case if you pick the right ingredients and don’t be fooled by the fancy health foods at the grocery store. Today I will be sharing with you some helpful tips and to save money while eating healthy on a plant based diet.

1. My staples

My staple food items include:

  • Oats
  • Rice (Whatever type I’ve been craving.)
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Bananas
  • Almond milk
  • Nut butter
  • Canned beans, pulses, legumes, etc.

The majority of these foods are relatively cheap and are filling and nutrient dense. They can also be customised to create a wide range of dishes using different spices and herbs.

2. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive, especially when they’re not in season. A really good tip to save money while still having your 2 and 5 is buying vegetables and fruits frozen. They also last longer so you don’t have to worry about using them up in time and studies have shown that they can be filled with more nutrients than fresh produce as they are frozen while they are in top condition.

3. You don’t need health foods

to be healthy

In the supermarket their are a large range of health foods. The truth is, the majority of these are not even that healthy, with a high price and a low nutrient level. My tip to you if you still want to try some of the healthier foods available such as cacao powder and almond butter with a higher price tag is to try one a fortnight or month based on your budget.

4. Organic doesn’t equal healthy

Organic foods are usually more expensive than regular foods while having a similar nutrient level. Just because that chocolate cake is made with organic ingredients, does it make it any healthier than a regular chocolate cake? I f you do have the budget to spend a little bit more on groceries, focus on buying organic ingredients from the dirty dozen ( ) .

5. Don’t go out to eat all the time

Although the occasional treat or dinner with your friend won’t affect your bank account, eating out all the time can actually cost you more than if you cooked at home. If you cook at home you can also control what goes into your food and are less likely to overeat.

Thanks for reading my post and remember, that although eating rice and vegetables for dinner may cost you more than a big mac, your health is worth spending a little bit more and in the long run, can actually save you money.


7 thoughts on “How to Save Money on a Vegan Diet”

  1. Great post! Non-vegans seem to think that packaged meat and cheese alternatives are a vegan staple. I know they may be to some (who can afford and enjoy it), but obviously they’re not a necessity! Whenever someone tells me how they can’t afford to be vegan, I can’t resist asking them “Have you heard of lentils and rice?”.

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